5 Benefits of Custom Facebook Placement Strategies

5 Benefits of Custom Facebook Ad Placement Strategies

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5 Benefits of Custom Facebook Ad Placement Strategies

If you are one of the 968 million people who log into Facebook each day , you may have noticed the platform offers three different ad placements, namely desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed, and desktop right column. Facebook also offers ads outside of Facebook through network sites (called audience network) […]

Rocco does a great job breaking down all of the reasons why you would want to test each Facebook advertising placement separately when setting up and running new Facebook ads.  Below is a summary of the five reasons you would want to do that…

1. More Precise Control of Budgets

2. More Effectively Allocated Budget with Customized Bids

3. Better Results per Placement with Customized Ads

4. Higher Conversion Rates

5. Long-Term Success and Better Strategies

In our experience, the mobile and desktop newsfeed is the most successful but with Instagram inventory now available and the Facebook audience network expanding every day we’ll continue our testing and bring our results to you so you can take advantage of our findings.

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