Facebook Ads Testing: The Keys to Finding Success

Testing Facebook Ads: The Keys to Finding Your Success

Justin Lofton Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads Testing: The Keys to Finding Marketing Success

There are a few questions that I get every single day. They typically fall into one of these buckets…

Here are a few observations that Jon has made while helping thousands of  marketers, advertisers and business owners take advantage of the Facebook advertising platform…

1. Advertisers lack confidence.

2. Advertisers aren’t sure what works and what doesn’t.

3. Advertisers don’t want to waste money.


Here are a few Facebook ad elements you should test…

1. Test Each Campaign Objective

2. Test Each Bidding Option

3. Test Each Placement

4. Test Scheduling Options

5. Test Post Types

6. Test Copy and Creative

As always, Jon does a great job breaking down the complexities that come with getting used to running ads on Facebook to generate leads and sales.  This article should help you understand that everyone is a bit intimidated at first.  Just start out simple as you get comfortable with how everything works, then you can expand and scale your campaigns over time.

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