December 2018 Update

2018 has been a very wild ride in the social media world!

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November 2018 Update

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 3.12.43 PM

Now you can save any ads or posts you see as a collection and share them with your friends!

This is the fastest way to create a wish list and you can do it seamlessly within Facebook.

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October 2018 Update

Stories are the hottest thing in social media right now. Users put out amazing content and now they can tie the right song at the right moment to take their video to the next level!

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September 2018 Update

Now, you can add the Facebook Pixel to your group. This will help you understand how posts in your groups drive actions.

Facebook gave a great example, once you implement the pixel base code and relevant events, you can see if a post resulted in a pixel-detected lead or purchase on your website.

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August 2018 Update

Crossposting From Facebook To Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 1.59.29 PM

Tired of having to post on Facebook and then switch to Instagram to post the same content?!

It does have to be a single photo, otherwise you won't be able to crosspost it.

Well, Facebook finally released a crossposting feature that allows you to post to Instagram directly through Facebook.

July 2018 Update

Facebook just released a new tab titled "Info and Ads." This tab allows you too see any ads this page/brand is currently running.

This is great to spy on your competitors ads or even view ads of people who are running highly effective ads, which could give you ideas for copy and creative.

The only downside to this is if a brand is running ads on multiple pages (we do this often). You wouldn't be able to see those ads unless you find those pages and click the Info and Ads tab.

The other very important update for this month is running ads using behavioral data. This is the last month you can create ads using behavioral data. If you have active ads, they will run until October 1st, but will be unable to create new ads.

To stay ahead of the curve and your competition, enroll in our Facebook Ad Success Inner Circle. We will show you tips and tricks on getting your ads in front of your audience with the new targeting options.

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June 2018 Update

Video is the best way to reach your potential clients now.

You can quickly and effectively reach your audience.

Facebook is now giving page admins more data on how their videos are performing.

All admins will soon be able to access the these new metrics:

  • Followers vs Non-Followers: Facebook will now give you data on people viewing your videos but are not following your brand.
  • Audience Demographics: Male vs female retention.
  • Zoom Chart: Enhanced metrics.

As Facebook releases more information on this, we will update this page (bookmark it).

For best practices on using video to engage your audience, click here.

May 2018 Update

I bet you've heard about the GDPR and are wondering what it is or how it effects you and your business.

The General Data Protection Regulation is Europe's data protection agency. It's similar to the EU, except the GDPR has a wider scope.

The GDPR will go into effect on May 25th, 2018.

Under the GDPR, there are a number of approved reasons (or “legal bases”) a company might legitimately process a person's data. Below, we've outlined the most relevant legal bases under the GDPR.

When the advertiser or marketer is asking to obtain information, they must provide a clear, concise and transparent form.

  1. An individual must have the opportunity to make an actual choice to provide consent. A pre-checked box cannot be used. In GDPR's eyes, that is not the user giving consent since they didn't themselves say "Yes." Users also need to click on a confirmation link in an email to confirm that they are opting in to receive your marketing emails.
  2. The choice to provide consent must be clear, concise and transparent and it must be separate from any other requests from the marketer or advertiser. This means individuals can’t be required to give consent as a condition for receiving a resource, product, or service.

Below is an great example:

If you have any more questions or would like more details on what the GDPR is and what they are looking for, click here.

April 2018 Update

Wow! What a month over at Facebook with many changes coming in the next several months (bookmark this page to stay up-to-date).

If you are not familiar with what has transpired with Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, click here to get up to speed.

Mark Zuckerberg just held a Q&A  session, where he discusses his opening remarks on everything that has happened and the steps Facebook is taking in the future to create more secure process in the future.

He also discusses several of the changes coming in the near future for advertisers.

Click here to read about the Q&A. 

March 2018 Update

Messenger is becoming an essential part for any brand or business to grow and engage with their customers. A Facebook study shows that customers would rather engage with a brand in Messenger rather than email or call them.

Now, you can even get tracking updates inside the app itself. The Facebook Messenger API is getting better and better and brands need to make a shift to this new digital trend.

Facebook just announced that you can have video chats inside of Messenger. Why does this matter to your business? Well, if more and more users are going to use the platform, it becomes a part of their daily lives. They are going to be spending less time on other apps and more time within Messenger. Thus, giving you more and more chances to engage with potential or current clients.

As a brand or business today, you need to have an established Messenger campaign created. This will help grow and scale your business as Messenger adds new features.

February 2018 Update

ABOUT THE TOOL: This is a tool that is designed to save you time and energy. It quickly and effectively shows you which Facebook adds more sales or conversions at the lowest cost to your business. This works great for split testing campaigns. Split test until you determine the best objective, optimization, bid and creative for your campaign.

HOW IT WORKS: The campaign comparison test leverages Facebook's conversion Lift measurement solution to compare the cost per incremental conversion between two different campaigns. It measures many different test groups to give you the most accurate reading. It can be used to measure offline purchases and online purchases. Giving you the most amount of data quickly and without any confusion.

↪️ Click here to learn more about how it works and how to execute the tests. ↩️

January 2018 Update

Facebook is trying to reduce the need for expensive and hard to learn video editing software in 2018. That's why they created the "Creators app." It's a one-stop shop for all your video needs.

Here are some of the features you get as a Creator:

  • Live Creative Kit: Access exclusive tools that make it easy to create live broadcasts with a personalized and fun feel. Creators can add intros as openers to their live broadcasts, outros that conclude them, custom live stickers that viewers can use to interact, and graphic frames to create a consistent brand.
  • Community Tab: Connect with fans and collaborators with a unified inbox, which centralizes comments from Facebook and Instagram, and messages from Messenger.
  • Camera & Stories: Use fun camera effects and frames and easily crosspost content to other platforms. Creators can also access Facebook Stories to engage with their fans.
  • Insights: Easily access metrics to inform content creation, including analytics about your Page, videos and fans.

Click here to get resources and tips to create the best content.

December 2017 Update

1.  Facebook is enhancing their global targeting outreach. You can now create Dynamic Language Optimization. This allows you to have your copy show in your audiences language. Multi-country targeting is is also now getting enhanced. In the past, you needed to create look-a-likes per each country. This is going to save a lot of time for advertisers! You can also now set parameters and Facebook will find which cities match those parameters with multi-city targeting.

2. Groups continue to be a major focus at Facebook. You can now assign "Badges" to people running the groups with you. You can assign roles such as "Moderator" and "Admins." Facebook is also giving you more insights on when to post for the most engagement.

November 2017 Update

Facebook is now allowing you to create custom "Thank You" pages on lead forms. This is huge if you're using lead ads. You now have more control and ability to engage your audience in a brand new way. For more information on Lead ads and how they work, click here.

October 2017 Update

1. Facebook has decided to combine "Power Editor" and "Ads Manager" into one. It has all the same features and abilities but now it will all be under one section. This will now provide a one-stop shop for all your needs and is extremely customizable for each advertiser. The combination will also make it easier for brand new advertisers on the platform. For more information on the updates "Ads Manager," click here.

2. Facebook is also providing more clarity and controls for advertisers. Providing more clarity and guidelines for advertisers will reduce time for Facebook to approve ads and less time tweaking ads for advertisers that were not approved. For more information, click here.

3. Facebook is attempting to make profile pictures more engaging, so they are making rounded profile pictures. This was released back in August but is just now being applied more widespread.

September 2017 Update

  1. This feature has been talked about for several months now and Facebook finally released the feature! The feature is called "Watch." Watch allows you to discover new shows and engage with them by liking, sharing and tagging your friends. This helps everyone discover new content and allows a fun way to interact with the shows unlike anything in the past. Some of the shows are shorten in length and some are longer. Facebook gives you a wide range and you can even add shows to your "watchlist" to watch them later. To learn more about "Watch," click here.


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.10.59 PM

2. Hubspot partnered with Facebook to do a four day webinar                   teaching you the latest trends in social media and how you can better use Facebook to grow your business. Register by clicking here. Day 1 is 9/12.

3. Advertisers finally get the option to deliver their video ads on in-stream ads and audience network ads. The reason in-stream ads are successful is that 70% of them are completed that are 15 seconds in length. These ads are also played with SOUND! So it is a very powerful tool. Click here to learn more about in-stream ads and audience network ads.

August 2017 Update

1. NEW Facebook design on mobile! This design will improve readability on posts much better. This design also makes navigating through the timelines seamless. To read more about the design changes, click here. 

2. NEW Facebook features for Stories Camera rolling out to all users. Enabling you to go live, create two-second gifs and share text posts with a colored background that covers the entire screen. This is an exciting extension because Facebook's camera has different filters than Snapchat and Instagram. So it will be a fun way to create new content that you can repost on other platforms. Facebook has been making a lot of changes to enable users to be able to use the camera more too keep users on Facebook and not other platforms.

3. Instagram is finally rolling out threaded comments for users. Comments before could get very "messy" and if you get a lot of engagement, it made it tough to respond to someone without tagging them in your comment. With threaded comments, we expect the engagement to be much higher on Instagram.

4. Facebook's Marketplace now features eBay Daily Deals. With it's huge success since the Marketplace launched, the eBay collaboration is another great step to making the Marketplace a go-to shopping hub.

July 2017 Update

  1. Facebook is introducing a new type of engagement based on events on your Facebook page. Event engagement Custom Audiences gives you the option to create a Custom Audience that includes or excludes those who have responded 'Interested' and/or 'Going' to a specific event, or any event associated with your business Page. Currently, only 10% of advertisers have access to this but will begin rolling out to the public soon. To sync your custom audience, visit and create an account.
  2. Targeting expansion for lead generation, engagement and traffic campaigns. Now you have the ability to target more effectively on these three campaign objectives with Facebooks new update. Facebook will now include additional audiences similar to the people who have already taken action for your ads. This functionality was previously only available for conversion and app install objectives.

June 2017 Update

  1. Giving admins more control over their groups is what Facebook has planned for June. Giving you more analytics and tools to create the most powerful groups possible. Group insights are going to show you who contributes the most. It will be very similar to what a page admin sees on the analytics end.
  2. You will also be able to schedule posts in groups now. This is a very powerful feature for community managers or content managers.
  3. You will also be able to remove people from your group quickly and effectively. Before you were able to just delete them, but now once you delete the user, you can choose to delete all their comments and posts along with the profile.

May 2017 Update

  1. Audience Direct: This tool will allow third party publishers to direct sell video inventory on their sites. Learn more about the tool here.
  2. Suggested video placement. Now, as the advertiser will gain more control on the suggested video placements on Facebook. It will be dictated by video views, engagement, brand awareness and many other factors but it is a step in the right direction for advertisers having more control. Click here to learn more about suggested video's and placements.
  3. New features coming to collection creation ads.
    1. 360 video is now supported in these ad types. Click here to learn more about 360 video and why it is the next big thing! Click here to learn how to upload 360 video.
    2. You have more control over the description of the items you are selling. Clicking "preview and customize" will allow you to modify the: headline, description, price and product name. The only field that is required is headline, the rest are optional. 

April 2017 Update

  1. Instagram just hit 700m users on it's platform. Of those 700m, 15m are business profiles and 80% of the 700m follow at least one business on Instagram. Moral of the story, you should be on Instagram!

2. The expansion to the audience network on video ads. This is the first month an audience network will support more campaign objectives and creative types. This will allow you to reach more users to improve the reach and effectiveness of your video campaigns. Sammy advises you use automatic placements on these ads for best results.

3.  Enhancements to Facebook pixels. These enhancements will begin rolling out May 20th for every advertiser to use. A pixel will be created for more actions. For example, a pixel will be created for "add to cart" and "purchase" clicks.

4. Sound via the timeline. No need to "click for sound" soon. The volume on a user's device must be on, but as a user scrolls through there timeline, sound will play on video ads. Video is becoming more and more popular and consumers are watching more video ads on Facebook! Although sound will fade in and out, Sammy still highly recommends using captions as a tool to engage your viewers. Facebook will now generate captions automatically, making this process seamless for the advertiser.

March 2017 Update

Do not get left behind advertising online. To effectively market online, you need to be creative. No, you do not need a high-definition camera and lots of photo's. You can use the images from your phone or choose from thousands of photo's on Shutterstock to create an amazing ad! Slideshows are one of many ways to get the attention of your target market. Do not forget, you can target the people you already have in your CRM with the SyncSumo app. Click here to learn more.

Sparkle In Pink creates some of the best slideshows on Facebook. Through a lot of trial and error, they have created a checklist of do's and don'ts for creating slideshow ads.

1. Image makes a difference. Play with the ratio, size, and content of your images for the best performance.

2. Try different slideshow durations. Sparkle in Pink found that the longer their slideshows, the better the results.

3. Test longer copy vs. shorter copy. Short copy gets more attention and performs better for Sparkle in Pink.

Click here to create your slideshow ad!