Your Facebook ad campaigns are something you want to be successful. It is the ultimate goal of the campaign to grow the business, make it grander and draw in more customers. With the reach you have with Facebook ads in general, this is something that is easily achievable.

However, there are some things you can do to make your ad reach the people who will actually benefit from it. By understanding the benefits of a Facebook custom audience, you will be able to develop ad campaigns that deliver better results.

What is a Custom Audience?

The entire concept behind a Facebook Custom Audience is rather simple. It is based around the idea of advertising to people similar to the customers you already have.

With this type of system, you will actually upload your email contact list into Facebook’s system. The customers’ information will then be encrypted to protect their safety. Your ads will then be delivered specifically to these customers.

Another option is to upload your list of visitors directly from your website or who use your mobile app, if available. The idea is to target those people who already enjoy and love your products so that you are able to grow your business with these specific people.

Growing on this Concept

Selling to people who are already customers is much easier than trying to start from scratch with new people. However, the idea is to grow your business and develop even more customers. This is another area where Facebook custom audiences can be helpful.

After you have created a custom audience, you can then have the option to target potential customers who have the same general interests, concerns and needs of your custom audience. One of the best things about this concept is that you will have a better chance selling to people who are similar to the customers you already have.

Having the option to create a LookAlike Customer Audience to coincide with the customers you already have is a fantastic benefit for your Facebook ad campaign. Instead of being forced to create a target market from scratch, you will instead be able to focus on the type of customer who really makes a difference in your company.

Creating a Custom Audience

When looking to create a custom audience in Facebook, everything happens in the Ads Manager. Here, you will need to go to the Audiences tab to get started. Once you have reached this location, you will simply click the Create Audience button, where you can then begin the process of creating a custom audience.

It is usually best to start by uploading a CSV or TXT file that you have created from email addresses or phone number of your existing customers. Having this information is important because Facebook requires this information to find these specific customers. If you don’t have this information available, it won’t be possible to find the customers you are looking for on Facebook.

Creating a LookAlike Audience is also created in this same. However, you must first create your custom audience to link to before you can get started with this process. You can adjust settings for the size of your audience, the country you wish to focus on, and several other items to make the campaign even more beneficial.

Testing and Tracking Results

One important thing to note is that any Facebook campaign should be completed alongside testing and tracking. Regardless of your specific audience, there are certain ads that will peak their attention over others. For this reason, you may need to test a few ads out to find the right one to work with.

Creating a few different versions of your ad will help you determine exactly what your customers respond to the most. Then, you will be able to customize their experience around their needs and desires so that your campaign offers the highest level of value and success.

When it comes to tracking your Facebook ads, there are several free online tools with which to do so. The important thing to remember is that these tools will help you measure your rate of return on your ads in general. They are also what is used to determine exactly how effective your ads are as well as what areas may need improvement.

To properly track your ads, make sure you are paying close attention to a number of items. First, looks towards the number of customers who are completing your call-to-action. For example, if you are looking to have your customers visit your website, measure the number of visitors you are having that are linked to your ad.

Also, look at how much income this new traffic is bringing to your business. If you find a net result is occurring, you may want to think about changing up how your ad is designed. For example, changing the message, images or phrases may suit your audience a little better. By coupling tracking and testing, you will be able to find an ad that draws in the most traffic and creates the most value.

Facebook ads are highly effective. However, you can make them even more effective by creating custom audiences. By doing so, you will be able to take the guess-work out of deciding which group of people to target and what your ultimate goals should be. Then, you will begin to see the return on your investment that is most valuable to your business.

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New Requirements for Facebook Custom Audiences + Expert Opinions

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Heads up advertisers, one of Facebook’s most powerful targeting tools, Custom Audiences  — is about to undergo change.

Facebook announced new requirements for uploading and sharing custom audiences that will go into effect starting July 2nd, 2018.

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect with the new changes to custom audiences with opinions from the experts.

You Will Need to Specify the Origin of Your Audience Data

Facebook will now require advertisers to upload information that specifies where the audience information came from. It’s part of a continued effort by the world’s largest social network to build transparency following last year’s data controversies.

When you upload a new customer file, you will need to specify whether the data came:

  1. Directly from people
  2. From a partner
  3. A combination of the two

Consumers can now see why a particular ad displayed to them — based on the origin of the audience data.


New Requirements for Audience Sharing

In addition to requiring the origin of custom audience data, Facebook also requires advertisers to clarify their audience-sharing permissions with other parties.


More Privacy and Permission Reminders

Facebook will also begin displaying more reminders to advertisers about their responsibility to protect the privacy of their audiences. All users associated with a Facebook ad account will have to accept the privacy terms of service.

The Takeaway

This latest change to custom audiences uploads follows other significant changes to Facebook’s policies centered around transparency and privacy protection.

This includes unveiling a “clear history” feature at this year’s F8Newsfeed algorithm changes, and more.

Following last year’s controversies around personal data misuse for political purposes, the coming changes were expected for advertisers.


To read Greg's full article, click here.

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