Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are a new way to advertise on the world’s most popular social network.

This feature was recently released to all advertisers after a handful of companies got the opportunity to test this new ad campaign objective and format. Lead Ads are designed to provide users with an interactive experience so they can easily connect with businesses while they are browsing Facebook on their smartphone.

Why do you need Facebook Lead Ads?

As an entrepenuer, marketer, and/or business owner you should consider using Lead Ads because this is an efficient and easy way to generate leads on the biggest and most advanced advertising platform in the world. The purpose of these ads is to ask Facebook users for their information so you can deliver what you promised in your ad and use email marketing to build a relationship with prospects and customers.

You can use Lead Ads for a number of purposes, including receiving requests for contact, quotes, promoting a subscription list or collecting data from potential clients to schedule test drives or to send them exclusive information about a new product. There are many uses for these ads and this is a format you should consider using if you want a cost-effective way to generate more new leads in your business.

Two simple taps

FB Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Ads were designed with Smartphone users in mind. Did you know that completing a contact form usually takes 38% longer on a Smartphone than on a desktop? This is precisely the issue Lead Ads are addressing.

Facebook users only have to tap your ad one time to open the form. The information they have entered on their Facebook profile such as their name, email address and phone number is automatically pre-populated in the form. Users can make changes, add or remove information and answer additional questions before submitting the form with a second tap.

Create customized forms

Facebook gives you the possibility to create customized forms to collect the information you need. You can for instance add multiple choice questions or open ended questions. You could for instance provide users with some fields where they can enter more information to describe the type of project they need help with if you use Lead Ads to get requests for quotes.

Facebook provides you with a number of standardized and customizable fields so you can create the perfect contact form. There is also a customizable disclaimer in case you need to display some legal information about the services you offer.

Creating Lead Ads is easy

Creating your Facebook Lead Ads is very easy. This platform is designed so that anyone can use this type of ads on Facebook, even if they do not have much experience with setting up marketing campaigns.  FB Lead Gen Ads

All you have to do is select the “Lead Generation” campaign objective, your ad creative and choose the audience that will be targeted with your new ad. You can define your audience in function of demographics, interests or use the retargeting features provided by Facebook to display your ads to users who visited your website or interacted with your content in the past.

Creating the form itself should only take a few minutes and your ads will start running as soon as you publish your campaign and it is approved by Facebook. If you would like a step-by-step guide on creating the lead ads form and campaign, simply click this link.

Real-time lead generation

One of the main advantages of using Lead Ads with SyncSumo is that you receive the lead data in real-time. This allows you to automatically respond to new leads with email and retargeting ads to generate more engagement and sales.

SyncSumo will automatically sync your new leads with CRM and email autoresponder solutions such as MailChimp, Aweber, Getresponse, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign and others so that you can automate your entire marketing process while you sleep.

What kind of results can you expect?

A few advertisers got to test Lead Ads before everyone else. Here are some of the results of these campaigns:

  • Land Rover was able to cut their cost per lead by 4x thanks to Facebook Lead Ads since users were able to request test drives without having to follow a link and fill out a form on another website.
  • High-end shoe company Stuart Weizman increased their email list by 52% while reducing their cost per lead.
  • Properati, a popular Latin American real estate company generated three times more leads in Brazil and divided their cost per lead by 4.


Why do Lead Ads reduce the cost per lead?

You can calculate your cost per lead by taking the amount you spent on a specific campaign and dividing it by the number of leads you actually generated. Don’t worry, Facebook’s reporting in Ads Manager makes it easy for you to see your cost per lead from your Lead Ads campaigns.  A high cost per lead is typically a sign that a lot of Internet users are seeing your ads but only a small percentage are interacting with your ads.

Lead Ads can greatly improve your cost per lead because Facebook provides you with an efficient way to target the users who will see your ads so your advertising budget is not wasted on users who are not likely to be interested in what you offer.

Secondly, Lead Ads can reduce your cost per lead by providing smartphone users with a quick and easy way to get in connect with you and your brand. People will be more likely to fill out a form and submit it if they can do so in less than a few seconds and don’t actually have to type anything on their smartphone keyboard.

You should consider launching a campaign with Lead Ads if you need to promote a lead magnet report, resource guide, or a webinar event.  And there are more formats coming soon, including desktop ads, video ads and carousel ads so you can keep developing your lead ad campaigns in the future.


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