A Step-by-Step Process for Setting up Your First Facebook Lead Ads Campaign

Step #1: Open Facebook's Ads Manager

Simply log into your personal Facebook account and you can find a link to Ads Manager in the drop down menu at the top right of your Facebook account.

Lastly, if you have not already setup a Facebook ad before you may only see a Create Ads button available.  If so, click Create Ads and go through the process of setting up a sample ad campaign (any objective) so that you can add your billing information in Facebook.  You can just pause the new ad once you've submitted to Facebook for approval. Now you can get into Ads Manager in order to go to the next step.

Step #2: Select Your Ad Account

Once you are inside of Ads Manager, Facebook will show you all of your ad accounts. Select the correct account you would like to do the leads ad on.

Step #3: Open Facebook's Power Editor

Once you are inside of Ads Manager look for the Ads Manager button in the top navigation. Once you locate Ads Manager, click the button and select Power Editor from the dropdown menu. You'll want to be sure that you are using Chrome browser as that is currently the only supported browser for Power Editor.

The Lead Generation campaign objective that's used for Lead Ads may become available via Ads Manager in the near future but we still recommend that you get comfortable with and use Power Editor so that you have all campaign creation options available to you as Ads Manager can be extremely limiting in many ways.

Step #3: Create Your Campaign

Once you are inside of Power Editor click the "Create Campaign" button.

Here is an image to help you understand how Facebook structures Ad Campaigns.  A Campaign contains Ad Sets.  Each Ad Set represents a specific audience you want to target.  In each Ad Set you can have multiple ads that you want to show to that audience.

For this process we'll simply create one Campaign, Ad Set and Ad.

Facebook Ad Campaign, Ad Set and Ad Structure

Step #4: Choose Your Campaign Objective

Once you've clicked "Create Campaign" you'll see a pop up window that will ask you to name your campaign.  Click the "Campaign Objective" dropdown menu and select "Lead Generation".  This is the name of the campaign objective that Facebook uses for Lead Ads.


Step #5: Name Your Campaign, Ad Set & Ad

Above you'll see an example of how to name your Campaign, Ad Set and Ad.  You are free to name them how you wish but just stick to a consistent formula that works best for you. Under the "Create New Ad Set" group, it will allow you to select the Facebook page you'd like to use.

Once you've named your Lead Ads campaign, ad set and ad, simply click "Create".

Step #6: Edit Your Ad Set Details

After clicking "Create" Power Editor will put you in the Campaign level section of your newly created campaign. There is nothing that you need to edit here so go ahead and click on the "Ad Set" section on the right side of the screen.

Now that you are inside of the Ad Set, you'll need to select your daily budget.  I recommend that you start with a minimum of $30 per day. One very important reason for this is that you want to be able to generate enough leads per day to give Facebook's algorithm enough data so that it can optimize your campaign to generate more leads for you each day.

At only $5 per day your campaign is not likely going to perform well in our experience.

You can skip the "Schedule" section in most cases.  When generating leads there aren't many reasons why you would want the ad set to stop running in a future date.  You can always pause your campaign, ad sets and ads once they are running if you need to.

Go ahead and scroll down to the "Audience" section and click "Edit Audience".  Here you will want to choose the audience you want to target to generate leads. Click the downward arrow next to "New Audience" and select the audience you would like to target. Audience targeting is an extensive area to cover so we won't do that here.

We usually use a 1% Lookalike audience of our buyers for lead generation (you can sync an audience of your buyers or entire contact database within SyncSumo under Audience Syncing) or if we don't have a buyers list yet we'll use Interest targeting.  We have great success with audiences that are 1 to 3 million people in size for national campaigns.

Optimization and Delivery Leave the Optimization & Pricing and the Advanced Delivery options the way they are.  We'll let Facebook handle those areas automatically.

Step #7: Edit Your Ad

Now that we've edited everything within your Ad Set, let's go ahead and create your first ad.  Scroll back to the top of the Ad Set and click "1 Ad" to begin creating your ad.Now we can edit the settings within your newly created Ad.  Facebook will drop you down to the Lead Form selection portion of the ad settings first so let's create your first Lead Ads form. Scroll down until you see the "Create Lead Form" button then "Create New Form".Now you'll see a pop up window that will ask you to name the form.  We usually name the form the same as the campaign name to keep things simple.  Give your form a name and click "Next".

Do not do anything with the Welcome Screen. Your ad copy should sell your product/service. We recommend that you bypass this section.

Click "Questions" and Facebook will ask you to choose the form fields you'd like to include and collect data for. By default they check off "Email" and "Full name".

We prefer to just use "Email" and "First Name" so uncheck "Full name" and click "Show more options".  Now you will see the additional fields you can ask for in a Lead Ads form.  We recommend that you start with "First Name" and "Email" and then you can test adding other fields like "Phone number" in future campaigns after you've gotten some baseline data from this campaign.Once you have selected the first name, scroll down the form and click "Privacy Policy".

You will be promoted to provide a URL to your website's Privacy Policy. Simply paste the URL/website address of your privacy policy here.  Also, write "View (company name's) Privacy Policy". You can skip the Legal Disclaimers box.Next, you will want to click "Thank You Screen".

On the next screen you'll be prompted to enter a website URL. This is the URL that people that optin to your Lead Ads form will have the opportunity to click on after they've submitted the form so we recommend that you link to a "Thank You" page or another page that delivers on the promise you made in the ad.

Now click "Finish" and your Leads Ad is complete!

Once you have clicked finish, Facebook will take you back to the "creative" screen to design the image and copy of your ad.

Text (this is the text that shows up above your ad image)

Here's is a template you can use to ensure success...

MARKETERS: Want More Leads? Here's how we generated 107 new leads in less than 24 hours without the hassles of creating landing pages. Download the case study!

Headline (this is the text that shows up under the ad image)





News Feed Link Description

Example: Discover how you can easily generation leads on Facebook without the hassles of creating landing pages!

Display URL (optional)

We like to use this field as it helps with branding and some people will open a new browser and visit your website because they want to know more about your company.

We recommend just using your root domain or a simple URL




Lead Generation - Ad Copy


Select an image you want to use in your ad.

Image Creative Selection

Choosing a Call To Action

We recommend using Learn More or Download but you can choose any that you feel is applicable to the offer you are putting in your Lead Ad.

Image Creative for Your Ads

Now on the right hand side of Power Editor you can preview your ad to see how it will look on both the Facebook Desktop and Mobile News feed.

Preview Your Lead Ad in Mobile and Desktop

Now under the "Tracking" section you can skip the URL tags field and then under Conversion Tracking select Track all conversions.

Step #8: Submit Your Campaign for Approval

Now all you need to do is submit your new campaign to Facebook so they can review and approve it.  Once they approve your new campaign it will go live immediately.

If you've run ads on Facebook before the approval process can happen within minutes.  If you are just getting started it could take Facebook up to 24 hours to approve your campaign.

Go ahead and click the green "Review Changes" button at the top right inside Power Editor.

Review Your Lead Ad in Desktop and Mobile

Now just click "Continue" to submit your Lead Ads campaign to Facebook for approval.

Review Ad Campaign Changes before Submitting

Great job!  Once your campaign is approved and live you can go into your SyncSumo account and start syncing your new Lead Ads form.


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