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Facebook advertising is a hot topic right now in the marketing world. There are so many theories and strategies out there, how on earth are you supposed to know what’s going to work for you? Every business is different so it’s best to get as much info and advice as you can from different experts. That’s why this week we sat down with Justin Lofton, to find out his very own Facebook ad strategies and why they work so well. If you know anything about Justin and his company SyncSumo, then you know this is an episode you won’t want to miss…
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4 Facebook Experts Share Their Best Tips and Predictions for Facebooks Ads

Justin Lofton is excited to see more folks continuing to move away from traditional media outlets like television. He believes that people are coming onto the Facebook and Instagram platforms to consume more of what they do in their lives, as opposed to plugging into television or getting their news from traditional media channels. He forecasts this will create more opportunities for businesses looking to advertise to their ideal audience at a cost far less than television.

One of his prognostications is for retail. He predicts that more brick-and-mortar stores will continue to close because people simply prefer the convenience of online shopping. He adds, “Retail is completely dying. Customers are comfortable ordering products and services online, so you're going to see that shift of e-commerce really moving more and more into online platforms. Facebook is the best platform to reach those folks.”

Lofton also shares some insights regarding lead generation and predicts more businesses are going to adopt Facebook Lead Ads and use them to replace their traditional website funnels.

When asked about the best Facebook advertising strategy, his advice is to “be creative in your campaigns” and “Use images and videos to leverage some sort of emotional impact in order to get the audience's attention and get them engaged. Video performs better if you can create a video for your advertising, but leveraging some sort of emotional impact helps you get their attention. You get them engaged when you're using emotional imagery and video.”

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3 Core Pillars Of Advertising On Facebook (Infusionsoft Partners Webinar)

SyncSumo Founder and CEO Justin Lofton had the opportunity to be featured on the Infusionsoft Partner's webinar series. Justin covered the 3 core pillars of advertising on Facebook and what you must do to succeed advertising online. Click here to watch it!

Customer Engagement Magazine (May, 2016 issue)

The Art of Facebook Advertising with Justin Lofton

SyncSumo CEO, Justin Lofton, had the opportunity to be interviewed by Customer Engagement Magazine for their May 2016 issue. You can access the magazine via the CEM app on Apple devices. Use Special Access Promo Code: SyncSumo (this is case sensitive) to get 3 months access to Customer Engagement Magazine for free.

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The Sales Podcast with Wes Schaeffer

SyncSumo CEO, Justin Lofton, had the opportunity to be interview by Wes Schaeff on the Sales Podcast. On this Podcast, Justin shares what he has learned about launching and scaling businesses. Also, what it takes to sell successfully online.

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Luminary Business Interview

SyncSumo CEO, Justin Lofton, had the opportunity to be interviewed on Luminary Business. In the interview, Justin shares success secrets and how to optimize your CRM with Facebook, Facebooks algorithm and many other online marketing hacks!

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Infusionsoft Webinar: Targeting Business Owners on Facebook

SyncSumo founder and CEO, Justin Lofton, was invited by Infusionsoft to show folks how to target business owners, decision makers and influencers on the Facebook advertising platform using a little ad hack trick. In the webinar replay, you'll see how to set up your Facebook campaign for success.


Entrepreneur's Studio: How To Rock Your Business - Expert Interview Series

SyncSumo CEO, Justin Lofton, was recently invite to be an expert contributor for the Entrepreneur's Studio with Cynthia Coffen. In this video interview, Justin talks about his journey as an entrepeneur and what drives him every day. This insightful interview will both inspire and motivate you to take your business to the next level.

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SuperFastBusiness Podcast: How To Use Automated Webinars In Your Marketing

Facebook Ads for Automated Webinars

James Schramko talks with Jarrod Robinson about how he leverages automated webinars, SyncSumo and Facebook advertising to grow his business each day on auto-pilot. If you have ever considered using webinars for your business you'll want to listen to this invaluable series.

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Learn To Launch, Grow, and Sell a Successful Software Company With SoCal Entrepreneur, Justin Lofton - January 29th, 2016

interview with CEO and Founder, Justin Lofton

Our founder and CEO, Justin Lofton, was recently interviewed by Wes Schaeffer of The Sales Whisperer. Wes and Justin talk about how to see new opportunities, how to launch new businesses and manage business growth in fast moving industries. It's a fun and informative podcast interview that will give business owners and marketers a real world understanding of how to deliver profitable value to the marketplace.

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HuffingtonPost - Facebook Lead Ads: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...& The Beautiful? - December 4th, 2015

HuffingtonPost Facebook Lead Ads Article

Facebook officially launched their new ad format, called Facebook Lead Ads. Many small biz owners, ad agencies, and marketing firms have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new ad medium, with the hopes that they can generate more leads on Facebook, as the new format would require less effort for its users to submit their contact information. SyncSumo is proud to have been mentioned in this article as a solution for Lead Ads integration.

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Perpetual Traffic by Digital Marketer - Episode 21: 3 New Facebook Ad Types - December 1st, 2015

Keith Kranc, Molly Pittman and Ralph Burns discuss Lead Ads

In this episode of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, you’ll learn to use three powerful new Facebook Ad types: Carousel Ads, Video Ads and Lead Ads. Keith, Molly and Ralph will teach you what these ads are, when you should use them and provide real “in the trenches” use cases for each ad type. No matter what you’re selling, you’ll find at least one of these new Facebook ad types a good fit for your business. SyncSumo was mentioned as a resource for marketer and we also provide discounts to Digital Markter DM Labs Members.

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How to Master Facebook Lead Ads Workshop by Jon Loomer - November 11th & 12th, 2015

How To Master Facebook Lead Ads

Jon put together a really great workshop that broke down every element of the new Facebook Lead Ads campaign objective.  Whether you're brand new to Facebook advertising or you're a seasoned veteran, you can benefit from watching Jon's recorded webinar here. SyncSumo was fortunate enough to be included in this Workshop as Jon is a big fan of what we doing to help businesses leverage the Facebook advertising platform.

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Marketing On Facebook: Using Lead Ads, The Buy Button And Instant Articles by Jon Loomer - November 2nd, 2015

Using Lead Ads, The Buy Button And Instant Articles

Anyone who is interested in advertising or getting conversions on Facebook should know that there are pros and cons of doing it different ways. Facebook is a great platform for optimizing the user’s experience. SyncSumo was discussed during this detailed interview.

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How to Sync Facebook Lead Ad Contacts With Your CRM by Jon Loomer - October 23rd, 2015

How To Sync Leads with Your CRM or Email System

Facebook lead ads are an amazing opportunity for marketers. They streamline the process of collecting leads without requiring users to leave Facebook, improving the user experience and ultimately cutting the cost per lead for advertisers. SyncSumo was mentioned in this blog post as an alternative to DriftRock.

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